Eltham High School | Middle School (Years 8-9) Eltham High School | Middle School (Years 8-9)

Middle School
(Years 8-9).


The Involve program promotes and enhances students’ connectedness to the school and the broader community, addressing student well-being and academic achievements as they progress through the school. Students will be in a group that will meet consistently throughout the year under the guidance of their teacher.

Cornerstone Studies.

Cornerstone Studies are designed for Year 9 students to continue to develop a range of important skills and capabilities for success in their learning as they move toward Senior School. These include strong planning and time management skills, the ability to communicate and collaborate, critical thinking skills, and the ability to reflect on their own progress.


As a school, we believe that undertaking a course that is enriched through participating in some of the many co-curricular and leadership opportunities available will allow students to live the values of the school in an authentic way.

Eltham High School | Middle School (Years 8-9)

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