Eltham High School | Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning.

Learning Support.

Eltham High School provides students with a wide range of additional curriculum and intervention programs to support their learning. These include extra curricular extension programs as well as in class and withdrawal programs focusing on literacy and numeracy support.

Instructional Model.

The Eltham High School Instructional Model describes what effective teachers do in their classrooms to engage students in intellectually challenging work. It provides an overview of the learning cycles and breaks it down into four stages of instruction: Why, How, Do, Review.

Inquiry Based Learning.

Inquiry based approaches to teaching and learning at Eltham High School encourage students to make connections in their learning across a range of disciplines and develop both broader learning dispositions as well as specific research and investigation skills. The focus of inquiry is dually on understanding learning processes as well as content.

Eltham High School | Approaches to Learning

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