Leadership & Agency.

Student Leadership at EHS.

Leadership at Eltham High School is embedded into the daily life of our community. It is a part of the school’s vision, strategic plan, and values. It is demonstrated through student voice and action, not just through position. Eltham High School, and its community, are continually aiming to create opportunities for leadership to be exhibited in a variety of ways.

Some of the opportunities available to students at Eltham High School include:

  • Student Voice and Leadership Team
    The Student Voice and Leadership Team includes students across Years 7-12. Positions in the team include School Leaders, House Leaders, and Value Leaders. Students in this team work with staff, students and community members to promote and act on student voice and agency, working with key student groups in the school such as the Teaching and Learning Team and Enviro Team.
  • Principal Advisory Group
    The Principal Advisory Group consists of students from years 7-12 who meet regularly with the principal to discuss ideas and issues within the school and suitable actions.
  • Peer Mentor Leaders
    Students from each Year 10 Tutorial group can be involved in the Peer Mentor Leader program. These students support the facilitation of our Peer Mentor Buddy Program involving all Years 7 and 10 students.
  • School for Student Leadership
    Each year a team of six Year 9 students are selected to attend the School for Student Leadership. This is a Department of Education program that promotes the development self and leadership skills. As part of the program, students complete a Community Learning Program.
Eltham High School|Leadership & Agency
Eltham High School|Leadership & Agency
Eltham High School|Leadership & Agency
Eltham High School|Leadership & Agency
Eltham High School | Leadership & Agency

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