Launch of the New House System

Eltham High School | Launch of the New House System

On Monday, 12 February, we officially launched our new House System. Year 7 and Year 8 students excitedly gathered in the Nalleijerring Performance Space for an assembly to mark the occasion, led by our School Leaders and House Leaders.

The Names of the new houses are:

Everard (Yellow)
Pakana (Blue)
Skipper (Green)
Toner (Red)

We were honoured to be joined by guest speakers representing each of our four newly established houses: Raphael Kilpatrick, the nephew of the renowned artist Sonia Skipper, John and Matthew Everard, the grandson and great-grandson of legendary William (Bill) Everard, Madeline Toner, daughter of the esteemed Pauline Toner, and proud Aboriginal man and advocate for Indigenous affairs, Uncle Charles Pakana.

The launch of the House System marks a significant milestone in our school’s history. With each house named after prominent figures in our community, we aim to honour their legacies and inspire students to reach their full potential.

We acknowledge the past Houses of Stewart (Blue); Andrew (Green); and Rutter (Red) which have served us well over many years. In valuing the past, we recognise the importance of moving forward in a meaningful and respectful way that brings current and future generations on board.

As such, It has always been customary at our school to maintain a link to the past, the name of Everard has been kept from when the House system was first established to recognise the contribution of not only William H Everard to our school, but the continued support received from the Everard/Lynch family over more recent times. The names of Skipper, Toner and Pakana, were selected to link with the present and to recognise the amazing contribution of three local members to the Eltham Community that will prosper into the future.

From 2024, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of inter-house competitions, events, and activities. From academic challenges to sports carnivals, the House system provides a platform for students to showcase their talents, build cross-year level friendships, and develop essential life skills.

Beyond competition, the House System promotes collaboration and unity, encouraging students to work together towards the common goal of the pursuit of excellence in everything they do.

I would like to recognise the work of the students and staff who got us to where we are at now. The work began with a question from a group of students, then and idea, then a good deal of research. The students were initially supported by Louise Heathcote, then Nadia Devlin and then by Lauren McNally. A number of other staff contributed support.

It goes to show that if we continuously provide opportunities for young people to shine and we provide the necessary support they will go beyond our expectations, and certainly beyond their own expectations of what they can and are able to achieve.


Eltham High School | Launch of the New House System Eltham High School | Launch of the New House System Eltham High School | Launch of the New House System

Eltham High School | Launch of the New House System

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