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Eltham High School | Eltham High School Student Anthology

I take the opportunity in this week’s Newsletter to inform parents/carers, students, and members of our community that Anthology Week is fast approaching (Wednesday 3 May)!

The 2022 Eltham High School Anthology is an amazing publication curated by the Student Anthology Club that celebrates the amazing talent of a range of our students in written
media and through selected art works that complement the writing.

An awards ceremony will take place to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of the most creative pieces in writing and art. The recipients of these awards have been selected
across each year level.

All Year 7 students will have the chance to be a part of the audience and see how amazing Eltham High School students really are.

If you have not yet purchased a copy of the 2022 Eltham High School Anthology, please act quickly by contacting North of the Yarra to secure your copy.

The Anthology is a vital resource in all English classes, as it displays key exemplary work for every assessment in all year levels from 7-12. It is used by every English teacher to model work expectations and helps students understand how to formulate their writing from other students in the school. It also highlights exceptional student art works. Simply put, it is made by students, for students.

Any student who would like to become a member of the Anthology Club, please see Mr Kumar and Ms Wilk in Room 303 every Tuesday lunchtime.

Eltham High School | Eltham High School Student Anthology

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