Text Box: Term 2 Week 5
Tuesday 18th May 2004



Back to School day….. and welcome back to ex-students  Genni Huf   and   Peter Brock



Principals Report


$1m Building Upgrade Funded in State Budget

It is now confirmed! The recent State Budget has allocated $1,062,000 to Eltham High School for the upgrade of the western section of the Science Wing and also for the upgrade of the administration area of the school. These upgrades will be most welcome and will add to the extensive building works, funded by both the State and Federal government and the School Council, recently completed.


Back to School Day

Genni Huff and Peter Brock are our 2004 “Back to School Day” participants. Jenny is a social worker and Peter is well… Peter is Peter. Back to School Day is a great program where former students return to their old school, mix and talk with current students and provide a little mentoring and hopefully inspiration. A great program, celebrating the great successes of our public education system.


Working Bee

Thanks to all the parents, students and teachers who supported the working bee last Sunday. Over sixty members of the school community participated and once more, under the leadership of the Grounds Committee and Environment Coordinator John Coates, significant improvements were made to the school grounds.


Training Band Concert

Don’t forget that the 2004 Training band makes it first outing this Thursday evening. A 7:30 start in the school hall will kick off with the school choir followed by the Training Band. See you there!


Parent Information Evening and Open Day

Large numbers of parents and children from primary schools near and far attended the Information Evening last Wednesday and the Open Day last Friday. Interest in the school was very high and very many parents stayed on, talking with the many staff in attendance and exploring the his coordinators, Assistant Principals Hermi Burns, Judy Boyle and Trevor Jenkins, Business Manager, Bruce Martyn,  our staff who gave their time so willingly, particularly Leanne Ipsen, and especially the students, Miriam Fishwick, our MC, Laura Dalton and Sam Baddeley, who spoke at the Information Evening and the group



of student tour guides, ushers, traffic managers and helpers who worked so hard and so well to make both the Information Evening and the Open Day a huge success. Thanks to all and Well Done!


Rotary Youth Exchange Program

The Rotary Club of Eltham is seeking nominations for the International Youth Exchange Program. This program is an exciting twelve month exchange. Exchange students need to be between fifteen and seventeen years at the beginning of the exchange period. Eltham High School has a very positive relationship with the Rotary Club of Eltham and it would be good to see Eltham High students applying for this great program.


Paul Rose, Principal




Wednesday 19

Intermediate Band Performance at Eltham East PS morning

Middle School Enviro Fieldwork local 1-3pm

School Council Meeting in the staffroom 7:30pm

Thursday 20

SoSE Yr11 Legal Studies to County & Supreme Courts

Music – Training Band Debut concert in the hall at 7:30pm

Tuesday 25

SoSE Yr12 Revolutions Lectures to Federation Hall

Music – Ensembles Boorondara Eisteddfod





Each examination commences with a 15-minute reading period which is included in the times shown in the timetable.


7 June 

9am -10:45am Biology

11:45am-1:30pm Physics




8 June

9am-10:45am Psychology

11:45am-1:30pm Chemistry


Wednesday 9 June


General Achievement Test   (GAT)




SoSE fact of the Week

Terminology Exercise on Middle Ages:

“Gothic – someone who wears black”

Year 8 Excursion to Montsalvat

Four Year 8 classes spent an enjoyable and educational morning at Montsalvat last Thursday and remainder attended on Monday.  The Hawthorn players covered a number of aspects of medieval life such as Knights, tournaments, crime and punishment and games.  Students were given many opportunities to be involved in the activities and again the program was offset by the very appropriate location.

Helen Morris, SoSE teacher



On Tuesday 11th May all the Middle School Indonesian students went on an excursion to Ceres Indonesian Adventure Park in Brunswick.  We had fum making Batik, Watching Shadow Puppet performances and riding the 3 wheeled Becak.  Batik is a traditional method of making prints on cloth.  Wax is painted onto the design and then the desired colours are added.  Once dry, the wax can then be peeled off.  Indonesian shadow puppet performances (Wayang Kulit) can sometimes last 10 hours and the performers don’t even get a break!  A Becak is a vintage traditional mode of transport, no longer used in most of busy and motorized Indonesia.  We also played Takraw, which is Indonesian Rules Volleyball with a Rattanball, and the Angklung, which is a traditional Instrument made of bamboo.  The sound of the Angklung is produced by shaking it.  We learnt how to play Advance Australia Fair and other Indonesian songs.

Thank you or Terima Kasih to Rossy, Sudik & Reza from Ceres and Bu Brady & Bu Pollard for making the day possible.

Todd Cresp, Rosie Hrstic & Rommy James 94


Many thanks to Taiyo Takizawa and Charlotte Hudson for their fundraising efforts to help fund activities in LOTE.

Pompa Brady, Teaching & Learning Leader LOTE



In excess of 60 parents, students and teachers turned out to support the Grounds Committee Working Bee held at the school on Sunday.  Thanks to one and all who made the effort to make the event a success it was.  All tasks were completed efficiently, in an atmosphere of goodwill and community effervescence.  We do have a great school community and these events celebrate and link parental groupings within the school.  Well done!

In summary the following tasks were completed

ü       The Cypress pine fence on the Northern side of 400’s block was built enthusiastically and with flair.

ü       300 indigenous plants were provided with new homes in a variety of locations around the school.

ü       Paving was completed adjacent to the 201 & 202 classrooms

ü       Significant amounts of staining were completed on a range of bollards around the school.

ü       The rotary hoe named the “Beast” was tamed in the Habitat Reserve to produce a planting site for a number of grass species in the next couple of months.

ü       Significant amounts of mulching (25 cubic meters) on the western boundary and Habitat Reserve was spread.

ü       Repair of the retaining fence around the pin oak adjacent to the bike shed was completed, thanks to Noel Holman for taking charge of this job at short notice.

ü       Connection of an 80m section of rabbit proof wire to the northern side of the tennis courts.

ü       Significant amounts of tidying and brooming in the courtyard complex and surrounds.

Thanks to Philip Green (morning tea and lunch) as well as other members of our Committee who provided leadership on the day. Andrew Wilson, Malcolm Sinclair, Sue Hamilton-Green and Linda Hughes.  These events would not occur without you.  Thanks on behalf of the school.

The following families and individuals contributed on the day.  Philip Green, Andrew Wilson, Noel Holman, Sue Hamilton-Green, David Marshall, Graeme Paul, Martin, Belinda, Michelle and Amy Stenborg; John, Claire, Eloise and Alex Mann; Ray and Annie Norrish; Michael Jennison, Annette and Ross Newton; John Hattam, Torben Ross, Mark Greig; Glenn, Naomi, Jay, Ki and Amy Dower; Brian and Gayle Lane; Stephen and Rhonda Mundy, Daniel Greig, Ray Bergamin, Terry Scanlon, Doug and James Andrews, Judy Boyle, Paul Daicos, Simon and Collette Cooper, Che Brockman, Sally Wadham, Tim and Arthur Robertson, Mandy, Paul and Lauren Byrne, Debbie Grieg, Kelly Grieg, Linda Hughes, Wayne Johnstone, Steve and Kate Hudson; Steve Roberts, Leanne Ipsen, Nikki Gemmill, Linda Laos, John Cobbett, Bill Taylor, Hermi Burns, Mal Sinclair and Paul Rose.  Apologies to those who did not sign our book.

It was great to see family groupings coming to our Working Bees on Sunday.  This is a very encouraging development in building the ‘family community’ within the school.  Thanks to one and all.  Our next Working Bee is on Sunday 20th June, we look forward and invite the school community to this event.  Watch out for tasks on offer and prepare.

John Coates, Environment Coordinator for the Grounds Committee



Una & Alan Grimes of Grimes & Sons in Research has kindly donated 10 litres of stain and paintbrushes to the value of $150 to the Grounds Committee of Eltham High School.  This is a very high quality product and is much appreciated by the school.  This is the second time in 3 months that Alan and Una have provided stain to the school free of change.  It will be expertly applied by our volunteers to the many bollards that dot the landscape of our Grounds.  Thanks again

John Coates for the Grounds Committee




The EHS Cross Country fun run will take place on Thursday May 27 during periods 3 & 4.  All girls and junior boys will run a 3km course (from EHS to Lower Eltham Park and back) with Inter and Senior boys doing a 5km run (from EHS, around Lower Eltham Park and back).  Maps are posted around the school for students to check out.

All year 7 &8 students will compete with competitors only from Middle School and VCE.  Any student in Middle School or VCE wishing to compete should sign up with Mr Nicholson in the stadium.

Year 7 students have the opportunity of gaining sponsorship with a range of great prizes up for grabs.

Peter Nicholson, Sport Co ordinator




Monash Mentor program

Costs $800 per student

Includes week long field trip to Cape Otway


* promotes science interest

*engages students in science research

*provides link between research scientists and students

Whilst the school can not fund this activity interested students may obtain information and applications from the Science staffroom.

Amanda McTernan Science Teaching & Learning Leader




The Music faculty has had a busy performance schedule over the last week or so.  The following is a review of some wonderful performances.


Symphonic Band Concert

The Symphonic Band was privileged to participate in an “Autumn Serenade” held at Camberwell Salvation Army.  The concert included the Choir from the Salvation Army along with two soloists from the Australian Opera- Lynlee Williams and Murray Mayday.  It was a fantastic evening of high quality music making with the band impressing the appreciative audience with an outstanding performance. 


Flute Ensemble entertains the Mums

The Flute Ensemble entertained Mothers and families who were enjoying breakfast at McDonald’s on Mother’s Day.  Thanks to Julie Danaher and the students (and their mum) for giving up their time to play on Mother’s Day.


Evening of Jazz

As a prelude to their tour to Mt Gambier the Jazz and Stage Bands presented a relaxed evening of jazz music in the school hall.  Parents and friends enjoyed a fantastic evening of jazz which also featured two bands from Ringwood Secondary College.  Performances from all bands were of a very high standard.


Theory Exams

If you are intending to sit for a theory exam in August please collect the appropriate letter from the Music Office.  See Ms Cameron if you have any questions.


Upcoming events

We would be pleased to see you at the following concerts

Training Band Debut Concert

On Thursday 20th May the 2004 Training Band will be presenting their debut performance.  This is always an exciting evening for parents and students and everyone is welcome to come along and encourage our new instrumentalists.  The concert commencing at 7.30pm, will take place in the school hall and our Choir will also be performing.  A concert not to be missed!

VCE Vocal Ensemble

The Vocal Ensemble will be competing in the Boroondara Eisteddfod on Monday 31st May.  The competition will be held at the Hawthorn Town Hall in Burwood Rd. 

Concert Band Performance

The Concert Band will be performing at the Ringwood Salvation Army on Saturday 5th June.  The concert will feature the Salvation Army Band, Choirs from Our Ladies College in Heidelberg as well as our own Concert Band.  The concert will commence at 7.30pm.  Look out for further details in upcoming newsletters.



'Thankyous' to all the wonderful volunteers who have assisted at the last few concerts, serving meals, setting tables, manning the tea and coffee, assisting with uniform inspections, setting up equipment and loading and unloading trucks!

Coming up ... the Training Band Debut this Thursday!  An event not to be missed.


Our next meeting is Monday 31st May, 8pm at 14 Moola Place, Eltham.  All welcome!


P.S. Congratulations to our Jazz and Stage Bands for being great ambassadors for Eltham High at the Mount Gambier Jazz Festival!


Can you help?

EHS is collecting non-perishable food stuff and toiletries for refugees released in to the community on temporary protection visas.

This project sponsored by the Brigidine Sisters and supported by EHS staff.

These unfortunate people whose refugee status has been established currently receive no social security support, medical entitlements, rent assistance etc and are not allowed to work under the terms of their temporary visas, they are therefore completely dependent on the good will of other people.

If you can assist we have placed a box in the school foyer for students, parents or staff to place goods.

If you would like any other information please contact us.

Brendan Monigatti/George Franklin


Computer Support for Numeracy Program

Eltham High School and its teachers are committed to the pursuit of the highest possible level of achievement for all our students.  With that in mind we have secured a grant to establish Eduss, a computer based interactive learning companion for students in our school.


This Maths module currently covers years Prep to 6.  We are embracing this module so our school can utilise it as an additional teaching tool in the learning support area for Numeracy classes.  Working at their own pace students within this environment can continue classroom based teaching, exercises and methods which mirror our syllabus.  Should the child encounter difficulties, an automated tutor provides immediate assistance in a very similar way to which one of our teachers would.


Eduss Limited would like to offer all our school families the opportunity to purchase this Primary Maths module, should they feel if may be applicable for revision purposes, or indeed suit a sibling in the family that is at primary school.


The cost for the full module is $375, however Eduss is also offering a generous $100 discount for the next 30 days, making the full purchase price $275.  Should you wish to contact Eduss Limited regarding the above opportunity, you are able to do so by contacting their toll free number of 1800 334 633.


Please be assured that the decision as to whether your child needs the Eduss learning companion at home is entirely yours to make.


Barry Hutton, Mathematics Coordinator




Careers Night

Every second year the school runs a Careers Night and this year on Wednesday 28th July this event will occur again. The aim of the function is to help students in their quest for an appropriate tertiary course or job by allowing them to listen to and ask questions of people currently working (or studying) in a wide range of occupations. It has a uniquely Eltham feel because only parents and ex-students of current students are on the ‘panels’.


We aim to cover the widest range of occupations, from animators to zoologists, from the trades to the professions. This year I am particularly interested in promoting occupations that are accessed via Apprenticeships and Traineeships as there are tremendous employment opportunities in these areas and I want to dispel the notion many students have that apprenticeships are second best.


The format of the night is that 3-5 people working (or studying) in similar jobs comprise an ‘industry panel’. They will each give a short presentation of what their job entails and then answer questions from their audience. The audience (students and parents) can go to three panels on the night and so the panels ‘perform’ three times.


The success of the evening depends on having a large number of parents and ex-students volunteer their services. If you would like to volunteer please fill out the slip below and return to me a.s.a.p.

Feel free to phone if you have any queries.


Peter Goddard, Careers Teacher



Cut along line please












Work Phone no







Parent members of School Council – available for contact via the General Office

Pam Blewett, Richard Browne, John Considine,

Sue Dyet, Peter Hanlon, Tamara Knowles, Jill Tait and Grace Tham


CANTEEN  R O S T E R    ____________


Wed 19

Debbie Hansen, Yvonne Herring

Need volunteer please

Thur 20

Norma Phillips, Stef McEwin,

Deb Greig

Fri 21

Sue Lynch, Kathryn Gatcum,

Maree Mayall

Mon 24

Heather Febo, Denise Lopez,

Maureen Wray-Roberts

Tues 25

Kerri Lester, Erica Nigol

volunteer needed please

Wed 26

Mandy Bryne, Sue Courts

volunteer needed please

If for any reason you are unable to swap or cannot continue with Canteen duty for the remainder of 2004, please ring 94395111 between 8am-2:30pm.

Gael Carter, Acting Canteen Manager



S C H O O L   C A L E N D A R

May 2004

Wed 19 until

Tues 25  May

see front page

Wed 26

SoSE M/S Enviro Fieldwork to Edendale Farm 11:45am-1:15pm

Thurs 27

SoSE Yr10 Geog Fieldwork to City, Beacon Cove, Caroline Springs

Cross Country Fun Run period 3 & 4

Anthology Launch Eltham Library

Mon 31

Music-Choir Boorondara Eisteddfod


Wed 2

Maths Yr 9 Maths Games day at Bundoora SC

SoSE Yr10 Geog Fieldwork to City, Beacon Caroline Springs

Music Bands Boorondara Eisteddfod 7-10pm

Thurs 3

SoSE M/S Physic Geog Fieldwork to Organ Pipes Dight’s Falls

Music Yr11 Recitals in the Music Centre 7-9pm

SoSE - Yr7 Greek Festival

Mon 7

VCE Exams – see details this issue





Are there some parents who would like to receive the newsletter via email? If so, go to our website, www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au click on the Newsletter link and choose subscribe, fill in the form and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.



Home Work Clubs on this week

Junior School

Middle School

Year 7 & 8 students

Wednesday 3:15-4:20pm in room 412

Wednesday afternoon 3:15-4:30pm in room 412.

Behind schedule? Need extra help? Use the school facilities- computers etc.

See Marg Fyfe for Junior school and Luke Ferns for Middle school enquiries.


Community Announcements/Advertising


DID YOU KNOW ELTHAM HIGH OFFERS VIOLIN/VIOLA LESSONS?  It’s in our After School Program.  Cost is $188.00 a term for 8 lessons.  The instrument?  Violins aren’t an expensive instrument.  $200 can buy a quality student violin.  Contact Mr. Andrew Kypriotis in the Music Department for more details.



If you or a brother or sister perhaps now at Uni is interested in tutoring younger students please contact the office.



World Education Program Australia, an Australian, non-profit student exchange organisation, based in Hampton, Victoria is holding a series of Open Days.  These days are opportunities for students and their parents to meet WEP staff and returned exchange students, to discuss questions and concerns and to learn about the special nature of WEP student exchange programs.

Open days will be held Saturdays- 19 June/17 July/21 Auguat/11 September at 29 Small Street, Hampton between 10am and 4pm  It is not too late to consider Nov/Dec 2004 or Jan 2005.

For further information contact 1300 884 733 or debra@wep-australia.org



Thursday 27th May EHS will be launching the student writing Anthology “Follow the Pulse”.  The launch of the National Award winning collection of student writing will feature guest speaker Chris Wallace-Crabbe as well as a host of student readings.  This event will take place at the Gallery Foyer of the Eltham Library between 6-8pm.  All members of the school community are invited to celebrate this important occasion.     Glen Pearsall, Head of English



The “Bolt” youth lounge - Fridays 3:30 until 6:30pm.

For the senior students of Eltham High School on Bolton Street.  Café, pool or foozball table all for you.  Come in to study, chat, or just hang out. 

Shop 4.266 Bolton Street just near the Ridge Health Club.




Buyers waiting – please contact the General Office if you would like to turn your calculator into cash.



Fruitbowl Productions

Youth Committee

Fruitbowl Productions is calling on young people who are interested in planning and developing all age events in the Nillumbik area.  If you have an interest in music and event management this is your chance to be involved in fantastic local events.

The committee meets once a fortnight at the Fruitbowl Productions office in Eltham.

Contact 9439 0222


Pottery Classes for Beginners

Adults & children 7 years to teens

Learn the ancient craft of making pottery in a well-equipped studio. Lessons incorporate hand building, wheelwork, basic decorating and glazing techniques.

Small class sizes

Contact: Linda 9439 8057 / 0417 054 035